Hewlett Packard Here to Stay!

Some great news for Houston residents living near the Vintage Park area! 

Hewlett Packard, an esteemed hardware company, has recently announced that it plans to move its global headquarters to the Houston area from California, along with expanding its locations in Austin and Plano. Set for completion in the spring of 2022, HPE will be constructing a gigantic 440,000 square-foot campus for its workers, expanding its reach in the quiet suburban area. For Houston residents with a focus on technology and engineering, this will be a huge opportunity for excellent employment advancement. 

The current HPE headquarters, stationed near the Vintage Park region, is already a testament to the company’s strong influence in the area. For Houstonians carefully watching this new development, it would be incredibly wise to start making plans to grow more accustomed to learning about the company once job opportunities begin to explode following the end of the pandemic. There are plenty of excellent apartment options to choose from. Champions Green Apartments and Providence at Champions are a mere fifteen minutes away. Even apartments that are farther off, Waterstone Apartments for example, still have a very short and easy commute over without the raucous fanfare of downtown traffic. By far the best place to be, however, is Tivoli at Vintage Park Apartments as residents will be both close to the company AND get to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the Vintage Park area.

There are plenty of exciting and thrilling new developments and projects coming to the Houston area and I don’t plan to miss a moment of it! With so many of my tech-buddies being absolutely hyped at this new Hewlett Packard update, there’s no doubt that eager Houstonians won’t want to lose out on the amazing opportunities coming to this great city.

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Dec 16